Call to Artists

We are seeking artists who are interested in teaching classes to support the March of the Vegetables parade.  All are welcome to apply!


Our goal is to provide a range of opportunities for people of all ages, abilities, and interests to create something to wear or carry in the parade.  While recognizing that all of our criteria are unlikely to be met in each class we’d like to support a variety of classes, including those that:

  • Allow the participant to leave with a completed project to use in the parade
  • Engage a range of ages, particularly adults
  • Don’t require any particular artistic talent
  • Will contribute to a whimsical, festive, creative parade
  • And are fun and community building, allowing people to leave the class a little bit happier and more connected than when they arrived

To Apply:

Send an e-mail to by November 3, 2017, briefly addressing the following questions: 

  1. Describe the class you’d like to teach.  What will participants make?  How long will the session take?  (Typical classes are two hours).  If you have photos, please include. How many people would be ideal in your class?
  2. What materials are required? (This doesn’t have to be a complete list, but if any supplies are particularly costly or unusual, please list.)
  3. Do you have a venue in mind, or do you want assistance in finding a spot?
  4. What age group(s) will the class be geared towards?
  5. Why do you want to teach this class?